5 Easy Steps to Rank Your Local Business

Are You Using  Maximising Your Google My Business Profile?

Local businesses have a significant advantage to rank in their area using Google My Business listing.  

Google My Business is all about how to rank locally, however many business owners do not understand its importance.

If you want your business to thrive, you need to focus on these local SEO search strategies.

This blog post will go over five easy steps to help you rank more successfully in your area.

How about starting today? 

1. Make Sure You Claim Your Existing Listing or Create a New Google My Business

You first need to claim your existing Google My Business (GMB) listing or create a new one if there isn’t already one.

Claiming your current, live listing will ensure that all of the information listed on it matches what you have in other places, such as social media profiles, directories and more. 

If you don’t currently have an account with Google My Business set up for your business, go ahead and make one!

This will ensure that all of the important features are there from day one so you can take advantage right away, including everything from sharing photos from events to boosting posts and much more. 

2. Get Reviews

It’s no surprise that Google loves what customers love.

Also, the Google Maps app on mobile phones favours businesses with positive reviews.

So how do you get those longed for reviews?

Well, when you create a Google My Business listing, it automatically opens up the opportunity for people who come across your GMB profile leave either praise or constructive criticism behind. 

Don’t stop asking for reviews, even if you’re not getting them. Responding to these reviews shows your customers that they are being heard and can help mitigate the damage of negative ones. Plus, it makes other potential buyers feel like you care about their opinions!

3. Keep Information and NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) Consistent

If you want to rank locally, you must ensure your contact information and other details are consistent.

If you have a website, make sure that all-important business details (name, address, phone number) match what is on it.

Do the same for social media profiles!

Keeping this information up to date ensures that people can find you easily if they’re looking in their local area. 

4. Optimize Your GMB Page With Local SEO Best Practices

When optimizing, the most important thing you can do is fill out as much information about yourself and the services/products you offer as possible in this section.

Check off all relevant categories like Home Services, Professional Services and Products & Prices, so they appear prominently on search results pages.

Fill out detailed descriptions for each service/product with keywords related to what you provide within these tags – be sure not to include hyperlinks, though.

Add staff photos if desired but make sure their images are of high quality and not too small. 

5. Have a Mobile-Friendly Website and Create Quality Content

This part is all about your website.

The quality of your website is used by Google to power up your Google My Business listing.

They work together to help you to rank locally.

And to rank locally these days, you must have a mobile-friendly website and also create quality content. 

A mobile-friendly site will allow people to navigate your page on their phones without sacrificing the user experience (UX), even if your content is being viewed on a smaller screen. 

If you don’t have one yet, this is an easy step to take, as there are many great tools out there for building websites of all types – including ones specifically designed for phones! 

Quality content helps rank local sites because Google trusts sources like review pages to post feedback about businesses in their area. 

Here is a Summary of These Easy Steps to Ranking Locally in Your Area:

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