City of Whitehorse – Melbourne Eastern Suburb

Box Hill is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 14 kilometres (8.7 mi) east of Melbourne’s Central Business District.[2] in the local government area of the City of Whitehorse. At the 2016 Census, Box Hill had a population of 11,395.

Once a large independent city, Box Hill was absorbed into Melbourne as part of the eastward expansion of the metropolis in the late 1950s. As a result, it once had its own large historic Central Business District, its own municipality in the former City of Box Hill and its own suburbs.Source

Local Business Activities in Whitehorse District

There are over 61,000 jobs in Whitehorse, which includes over 9,000 businesses.

Considering there are nearly 174,000 people that live within Whitehorse, the city has to have a strong economy, which includes various industries such as telecommunication, tech Industry jobs, and of course home-based businesses.

Home-based Businesses currently make up 60% of all small businesses within the state, which you must be registered with Whitehorse’s Council Investment and Economic Development Unit.

There are a variety of different benefits of operating a home-based business, including lower overhead, flexibility, and reduced energy costs.

The city also has a strong metal fabrication industry, which manufactures a wide range of medical industry products.

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Whitehorse Industries is the largest metal spinning company in Australia and has been in existence for over 70 years. Among the other industries in Whitehorse include retail, public transportation, and the medical industry.

There are dozens of health care facilities  and local business stretched throughout the city, including Box Hill Hospital, Epworth Eastern, and Mitcham Private Hospital.

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There are many interesting things to do in Box Hill, besides the local business activity.

Box Hill Town Hall

If you’re visiting Whitehorse Road, Box Hill, Victoria, Australia, you consider visiting the Box Hill Town Hall, which is a historical landmark building located in the middle of Box Hill. The town hall features a Neo-Grec style design, which was built in 1934 by architects JS Gawler and JCA Isbett and has been featured on the television series Neighbours.


Blackburn Lake Sanctuary

Blackburn Lake Sanctuary is one of the last untouched native patches of bush, which covers 25 hectares. The sanctuary is home to a variety of different species of native birds, which includes Wood Duck, White-faced Heron, Brown Thornbill, Swallows, and Australian Pelican. You can also take a walk down one of the sanctuary’s various trails or visit the Blackburn Lake, which is a great spot to swim or go diving.

Jells Park – Mt Waverley 

Jells Park is by far one of the most beautiful parks in Melbourne Victoria Australia, which is why it attracts nearly 700,000 visitors annually. The park covers 127 hectares, which contains over 9 kilometers of bike trails and even has its own fitness area. The Park is also home to Jells Lake, a beautiful, completely man-made lake, which doesn’t allow boating or canoeing but has become a popular fishing destination.

Wurundjeri Walk Trail

If you’re a nature enthusiast or if you simply enjoy cycling, you should consider visiting Wurundjeri Walk Trail, which is located in the eastern suburbs of Blackburn South. The park covers over 20 hectares that connects to a series of parks and reserves, including, Orchard Grove Reserve, Wilkes Place Link, Finch Street Links, and The Wurundjeri Wetlands, located within The Fulton Reserve. The park was completed in 2001 and features various species of birds, Wurundjeri Creek, and even a rain garden.

Schwerkolt Cottage

The Schwerkolt Cottage is a pioneer cottage that was built in the late 1880s, which features a local history museum. The cottage sits on 2.25 hectares, surrounded by gardens and bushland, which is located next to Yarran Dheran Bushland Park. The cottage features 3 rooms, which have been completely restored and includes original furnishings. The property includes a barn, smokehouse, orchard machinery shed, and wine house.

Interesting Facts About Whitehorse

White Horse Inn

The city of Whitehorse got its name from the WhiteHorse Inn, which was a hotel and tavern located in the area in the 1850s. The Whitehorse Inn was the city’s first hotel, which in its place now features a white horse statue and memorial commemorating its history.

Home of Box Hill City Band

The Box Hill City Band was established in 1899, which makes it one of the oldest brass bands in Australia. They made their first recording on May 24th, 1899 during Queen Victoria’s birthday celebrations.

Arundel Wrighte

Arundel Wrighte, was an early colonist and Launceston’s first postmaster, who is also considered to be the founder of Box Hill Victoria. The stones from his home were later used to construct the Pioneers Memorial, which is located outside the Box Hill town hall.

Matsudo sister city

Every city shares a sister city, which is a social agreement between two towns, cities, or countries. The city of Whitehorse established a sister city relationship with a small city located within Chiba, Japan called Matsudo.

Box Hill Has Been Featured in Numerous Paintings

The beautiful landscape surrounding Box Hill had become a hot spot for landscape artists looking to paint the Australian bush, which included various Western artists such as Tom Roberts, Frederick McCubbin, and Arthur Streeton, who all later went on to establish the Heidelberg School.