Getting More Google Reviews for your Local Business

How to get more Google reviews for your local business?

People tend to trust other people more than they trust you or your business.

For this reason, collecting customer reviews on Google, and social platforms, is essential for the success of your business.

But, for the purpose of this article, I’m going to focus primarily on Google reviews.


Well, it’s more or less a given that all local businesses will benefit from generating reviews on your GOOGLE BUSINESS PROFILE.

Google is the biggest search engine & is the place that customers are most likely to you see first.

Search for “plumbers near me”.

The first thing that will appear will be the GOOGLE BUSINESS PROFILES.

Complete with Google reviews for plumbers — you guessed it – near me.


A survey by Bright Local (a world leader on Google My Business) , showed that a whopping 82% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses.

So, let’s talk about Google reviews.

Put simply, having a high quantity of recent, diverse, high-quality reviews is a CRITICAL Google ranking factor.

Here are several simple techniques to actively collect reviews for your business:

  • Emails with review link
  • Invoices with Review Link
  • QR Code with Review Link
  • Add a review link to your website
Last but not least, monitor your reviews and take your time to carefully respond to reviews.

Reply to negative reviews thoughtfully – business is not perfect all the time.

HOWEVER never engage in an online argument!

Google is NOT the place for this.

And if there is a chance of flagging for removing a bad review – this will not help your cause in Google’s eyes.

Need help with how & when to reply to reviews?

Get in touch with Pinpoint Local, we have the perfect review generation strategy for your business.

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