About Australia

Australia is known as the “Land Down Under”, and provides beautiful attractions and tourist destinations all year long that million of patrons visit yearly.
The seasonal climate and breath taking views along the coast lines of Australia bring in the majority of the tourism.
The large cities of Australia are along the coast lines for that very reason. 

Melbourne Victoria

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 The capital city of Melbourne is Australia’s largest city of about 5 million people, and covers much of Port Phillips’s Bay.
Within this bustling city are 31 different local municipalities. 

Manningham Business Excellence Awards

In the greater Melbourne area sits the Manningham council with a population of about 116,000 in the most recent 2016 census.
It is the largest suburb of Melbourne and offers a variety of businesses and entertainment for it’s citizens and visitors alike.
This suburb was created in 1994 and offers a unique outdoor feel because of it’s open spaces and park lands that you can visit.
It is also isolated from train tracks and public transportation because of the park lands which makes it much more reliant on private cars. 

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Local businesses dominate in the Manningham council, and the locals love it because of the small town feel it creates on the out skirts of such a large city like Melbourne.

Doncaster Business in City of Manningham also belong to the Victorian Chamber of Commerce

From IT and Communications, to health care and social services, every industry of business is represented here as well, which makes employment opportunities abundant.
As stated earlier though small businesses are what really drive the economy here in City of Manningham.
Doncaster, Doncaster East, Templestowe, all areas in City of Manningham awith local businesses that provide great shopping and touring opportunities for people visiting.
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People from all over Melbourne travel to Manningham for the amazing cuisine you can find here.
Australia has always been known as being a cultural hub where people from all over the world have left their mark in regards to food.
In Manningham you choose restaurants from all over the world to dine in with. Italian, Chinese, Lebanese, Indian, traditional Australian cuisine are just a few of the choices you can enjoy in Manningham.
If you want to take your significant other out for a special occasion, consider Altair located along the Yarra River.
Altair has been voted many times as the most popular restaurant in Manningham, and they receive stunning reviews from customers on a daily basis.
Manningham is Made for You!
The Yarra River is just one of the great outdoor options in the Manningham Council.
Mullum Mullum Creek, Koonung Creek, and Ruffey Lake Park are all great places to spend a day in the great out doors of Manningham.
Warrandyte State Park offers great hiking and bush walking trails for out door enthusiasts as well.
There are so many great things to do in Manningham, and the other great thing about visiting there is that you are no more than a half hour drive from the Melbourne beaches of Port Phillips Bay.
If you ever plan a trip to Australia you should highly consider staying in Manningham because your options are endless, and it is guaranteed not to disappoint.

Manningham Business - Westfield Shoppingtown

Manningham, Melbourne Victoria Australia - Westfield Shoppingtown

The new Westfield Doncaster now features more than 200 new retailers for a total around 400, a Village Cinemas complex and dining areas that take advantage of the site’s elevated views towards the city skyline. 

It is located on the corner of Williamsons Road and Doncaster Road in the Doncaster Hill precinct, an ongoing planning initiative by the local Manningham council.

It is located 20 minutes east of the CBD and is one of the biggest shopping centres in Victoria.